Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello fellow Bloggers! I just thought I'd make my little mark here in cyberspace to create a blog devoted to my biggest passion...SCUBA DIVING! Another subject I plan on blogging about that is very near and dear to my heart....SHARKS! I love everything about these amazing creatures and it is such a rush to get to dive with them! If you don't dive...LEARN! It's a whole other world below the water with amazing creatures and colors that everyone should get to experience! Just to get started diving, you just need your Open Water certification which is just a little classroom time and then off to the water. You could be certified in less than a week! Definitely worth looking into if you haven't already. I got certified on a cruise ship myself...did classroom stuff during the day along with some pool time & then for my first dives it was actually out in the's awesome! Anyways, I'm going to leave it at that for now...just thought I'd get this blog rolling with its first post! So follow my blog & I'll post more interesting stuff later! Everything from shark diving to great dive spots to hit up while on vacation!

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  1. My husband just started diving and LOVES it. His motto is...If you haven't DIVED...YOU HAVED LIVED!! (I can not dive because of my health problems) but I really enjoy all of his stories and hopefully he will be able to start taking pics of all of his "adventures" undersea!